Monday, 22 March 2010

Week 4
Week three
This week my starting point was people and colour but the photography in general was about culture, specifically Cornish culture.
I took the following 5 images during the St. Pirran march up on Perranporth sands. The main aim of the photographs was to capture a growing awareness of Cornwall's history and cultural experiences.
These 5 images I felt were the best at conveying these points.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

I was trying to get a silhouette shot within this photograph, purely for the reason of emphasizing the cross and the group of people standing beside it.
Within this image a man, dressed as St. Pirran, is in the final stages of performing a play that demonstrated the history of St. Pirran. This for me has a fairly iconic property to it.
This was another photograph that I was trying to get a silhouette property to. To the left, a woman on a horse holding a cornish flag which is flying about in the wind.
On the right is simply a person taking part in the march.
A photograph that captures the real feeling of taking part in such an event.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Week One

Late september 2009
I found this broken TV along a typical country road, and decided to take several pictures of it in various positions and this was the best outcome.
My narrative was the invasion of the natural by things man made and manufactured. But also a message of carelessness. Not just carelessness for the countryside, through the TV being dumped, but also the carelessness for the TV itself, in such a condition that it's in. The TV and the surrounding countryside share the same outcome from the ignorance of modern day man.

Week Two

In this set of images I was showing an idea of beauty in both natural and man made things we see on a day to day basis but neglect to recognise.

Getting inspiration from Nick Strangelove's exebition I looked for things with large amounts of shape, in particular, telegraph poles which are objects that can be seen almost anywhere within a populated area.

In each image what came out particulary well were the lines, colours, shapes and angles.

Week One
Loe Beach,

24th Feb 2010

My aim in this image was to capture the beauty of the boat on the water, as well as the feeling of safety and tranquility within the bay. A rather old fashioned sailing boat is seen in the center of the image, further out offshore is a group of people in canoes during a watersports lesson. My aim was to put the main focus on the surroundings of the boat however the boat ended up taking up about one third of the total image and therefore attracts most attention.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Week One


Late September 2009

Compact Digital camera

Week One


January 2010, during snowfall

Outside Playing Place

I took this image during the snow. My main aim in producing this was to demonstrate abandonment and, like the Abandoned image, carelessness with objects. The bike has been left with no apparant owner in sight and whereas most people would attempt to retrieve the bike, since it is in a public space, no attempt has been made in this case.